About Us

We are California Rifle Conversions. The name says it all. We convert rifles to meet the strict California definition of "legal" so you can buy any off list rifle from any source, and get it to California legally to sell in your brick and mortar store. This is still true  AFTER SB880 and other new laws for 2017!

CRC was founded in 2014 after several years of frustration with California and its ridiculous laws and regulations that infringe upon our 2nd Amendment right.  The CRC team started in the firearms industry in retail in CA.   We feel your pain, so we started a company to help our fellow owners get the "Not CA Legal" models. Our team has many years in the firearms industry, and we bring that experience to CRC so we can get the job done the right way and the legal way.

Our goal is to get you the rifle you want in a California Legal Configuration, period. We are not selling guns, parts or accessories to the public. We focus on getting rifles converted to CA legal, and to your shelf. We are here to help our fellow California gun stores. We do not allow any non CA dealer to use our services.